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John Seegers, enthusiastic about writing and photography since childhood, will combine the two in his new memoir, Walk Your Own Camino, to be released in late 2021 or early 2022. Read on for John's bio. Join John Seegers' blog to keep up with his training and his thoughts on walking and the Camino de Santiago.

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John Seegers is passionate about writing, storytelling, and photography. After retiring from over 35 years in the hotel business in group sales and catering, John decided to walk around his neighborhood to lose weight and stay healthy. This eventually leads to his interest in the 500-mile walk along the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. A journey to be portrayed in his book, Walk Your Own Camino, a combination memoir, self-help, and historical account of the Camino de Santiago.



Expected Release: January 2023

The walk, delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic, will now take place in September 2021 with the opening of the Spanish border in June 2021. Once the walk is completed, the experiences, lessons learned, fellow pilgrims encountered, the food, and the medieval history of the Camino de Santiago will be portrayed in the compelling memoir of his journey.

Until then, visit John's blog for his thoughts about the Camino, about walking, and to keep up with his plans.

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“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka



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