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The Camino and God Provides

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Monday September 20, 2021

We were up at 6AM and gathered our things to head out for the day. It is now a little after 7AM. Rick and Dave have left for Puenta de la Riena. I am waiting behind for the Post Office to open to ship back some items to lighten my pack by about ten pounds.

This will be the first day starting off on my own and I feel a little apprehensive. We have.been starting off together.

It took me 45 minutes to an hour to find the post office. The streets in Pamplona are narrow and run in many directions. It is not a grid pattern. I finally found it with the kindness of non-English speaking doing their best to send me the right way. I sent my camera and other things back home for about €44. I asked several people how to get back on the way to Santiago and headed on my way. While walking something didn’t feel right and suddenly realized that I didn’t have my walking sticks. I had left them at the albergue. It took me another hour to find my way back there. I was really getting frustrated.

Following the markers for the Camino out of Pamplona was confusing and I was getting lost again. I saw a young lady at a light waiting to cross. They say that “the Camino provides” and today God gave me Iara, a very special person from Brazil. She lives in London working as a corporate tax consultant. She was having some issues walking as well and had stayed in Pamplona for an extra day to rest. We navigated the confusing streets of Pamplona and walked slowly together to Puente de la Riena, a thirteen mile trek.

Have faith and the Camino and God will provide. Iara is the highlight of my trip so far and I hoped we would cross paths again.

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