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The Camino Provides

It’s still not clear when the European borders, especially France and Spain, will open for travel from the United States. Due to the nature of the covid-19 pandemic, there are no definitive dates for the end of the border closures. A lot will be based on how many people get vaccinated. Yet, I feel optimistic that there will be an end to this unfortunate situation soon. I have faith that all will turn out as it should.

During my research of the Camino de Santiago, in many accounts I came across the phrase, “the Camino provides." Walking the Camino with the faith that your needs will be provided. It is suggested that you travel light for the Camino provides. No need to pack heavy. You will find accommodations, food, supplies, companionship, or alone time. What you need can be found along the way.

The Camino provides is a commitment to faith. Faith that your journey along the Camino will be safe and your needs handled. A faith that you will survive the journey.

Now, tell me why this faith should not exist beyond your journey to Santiago? Should not your faith be true throughout your journey in life? The faith that the Camino will provide is faith that God will provide. This faith that God will provide is available throughout life if you can hold onto your beliefs.

There is a scene in the movie The Ten Commandments when the Hebrews traveling through the desert to the Holy Land wake to find mounds of Levin (flour). Moses warns them not to store the Levin to take with them but to believe God will provide.

With faith, you may free yourself of stress and worry and learn to live in the now, enjoying the life that you have right now. Tomorrow is unknown and subject to change and yesterday doesn’t matter since it is gone. I’m not saying don’t think about and plan for tomorrow or don’t think about the past enjoying the good times and learning from the challenges. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and you can choose a direction for the future.

So, I plan for the Camino walk while enjoying the walks I take today. Enjoying the dreams of a future endeavor with the faith that I will walk the Camino de Santiago tomorrow.

Live your life believing that God will provide. Take worry from your life and believe that what should be will be.

These are my thoughts. Comments welcome.

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