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A Good Day Walking

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Today was a good day walking with cool temperatures and no rain. Finally, after nine days of walking we were together the entire day. Rick decided not to walk as fast and Dave slowed down as well. My knee was feeling better and I could keep up. We had time to stop and enjoy the scenery, the sunflower fields and much more.

Several Spanish speaking pilgrims passed us playing Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. Obviously American country music fans. Dave told them to check out The Highway Men, a musical group with Cash, Willy Nelson and other country stars.

Although, the walk went well my knee did keep reminding me to pace myself with a constant little throbbing, especially on the uphill climbs

I have been posting photos on my Facebook page. It’s easier than posting on the blog. Visit Do a friend request, as well. I’ll be happy to except your friendship. For some reason I’ve actually been getting a lot of request from gorgeous Filipino girls. I wonder if they are working on a scam. If they are they are wasting their time. It is easy to unfriend and block.

Taking a lot of photographs. I’ll post some more of those on Facebook again tonight.

About 22 more days to go.

Buen Camino

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