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Yesterday we arrived in Burgos. We took a path to avoid walking through the industrial area on the outskirts of town. Walked around their very small airport. Once we entered the city we walked along a beautiful park running along side a river, a very peaceful place to walk.

Burgos is a big city filled with Medieval architecture and art, The Burgos Cathdral is magnificent and we are fortunate to have a hotel room over looking the plaza.

Last night we had the pleasure of sharing drinks with Ludwig and another gentleman from Germany recounting their tales of previous Caminos. Ludwig walked the Camino with his daughter in 2010 starting in Germany. This year he set out alone.

Most people I have met start alone. The Camino is a personal journey, a time for self reflection and discovery. I was not as brave as them. Although most of my walk is alone, I did not start out on my own and may not have started at all if not for Rick. I am glad I started this journey and look forward to arriving in Santiago in about 20 days.

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