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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Sunday September 20, 2021

Today we are in Pamplona after thirteen miles which was easier then the last couple days. Yet, there were many rises and descents. The Walk went through quaint Spanish villages and through forested areas as we followed a river.

We arrived in Pamplona about two thirty which gave us time to relax a bit before going out to explore the town. It was nice to have time to see the city. I can see why Hemingway liked visiting Pamplona.

We stopped in the Cafe Bar Goucho for some tapas and drinks. Afterwards, we headed back to the Cathedral Plaza Arbergue. The plaza is named as such because of Cathedral de Santa María la Real de Pamplona.

Tomorrow we head off to Puente de La Riena. This walk is also about thirteen miles. Rick and Dave will be heading out a couple hours before me to secure the albergue reservation which was phoned in by the clerk here. We were unable to make the reservation online since the site was in Spanish only. The clerk told Dave that if they aren’t there by two thirty they may give the beds away. He said we could call them but we didn’t want to take a chance. Many albergues are sold out due to the thirty to fifty percent occupancy restriction brought on by Covid.

I am leaving later since I am mailing home my camera equipment to lighten my load. The Post Office doesn’t open until eight thirty. My pack is way too heavy causing neck pains and making the walk unnecessarily challenging. Except for the couple days in St Jean Pied de Port I haven’t used it. It is much easier to use the cell phone while walking. The camera and a few other things I am sending back will reduce the weight about ten pounds.

So, tomorrow I walk alone. Maybe I’ll find a walking companion. However, since I walk slowly, most of the perigrinos (pilgrims) pass me by. With lighter weight I may be able to walk faster. I can only hope. I am not in a hurry though and will walk my own Camino. I like to stop often to take pictures. I took about 150 today.

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